Call of Duty Mobile Mod Apk (Unlimited Everything, Money, CP) APK+OBB Download


Call of Duty Mod apk has got everything unlocked along with unlimited Money, Unlimited COD Points and other many perks.
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August 21, 2020
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Competitor of PUBG and most used action game COD has got modified version Call of Duty Mobile Mod Apk has got unlocked and unlimited everything.

Call of duty mobile is an action game based upon war scenarios where players have to use their ultimate potential to proceed in the game. This game is all about survival and using tactics to fight until your last potential.

This game is highly interactive and engaging as players are unable to shift their attention from it. The call of duty mobile mod apk is the modified version of the game that allows you to access exciting features for free such as wallhack, auto-aim, and free character unlock, etc.

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Call of duty mod apk is based upon multi-action gameplay where you can have a bone-shattering fight experience with your friend and fight in teams. Call of duty mobile mod apk unlimited everything gives you a chance to unlock weapons and characters. You can use these weapons and characters to establish strong war strategies and attack you, enemies, with full potential.

Use varying tactics and highly mechanized weapons to chase away your opponents from your territories to win extra points. You must be wondering about the call of duty mobile apk obb features and ways to download the game.

Call of duty mobile apk free download version is absolutely safe and does not give you any hard time upon download. However, you need to be aware of the fact that the modified version of the game is illegal, and if you do not take precautionary measures, your account can be blocked.

The call of duty apk free download version of the game provides you with amazing features that you can utilize to have an amazing time and blood-shedding battle. You must be waiting to know about all the amazing features. Now without waiting, let’s have a look at all the phenomenal features.

Call Of Duty Mobile Auto-aim

In the call of duty mobile, a player is required to remain attentive all the time to determine their enemy attack. You have to use all your senses and skills to aim at the enemy to shatter their confidence. You have to be ruthless and fight until your last breath to be the winner.

In this case, you require a lot of strength and a good aim to precisely shoot at your opponent. Players who are new to this ruthless game are unable to aim at the enemy perfectly. You cannot take any chances because one missed shot can cost you your life.

The call of duty mod version allows you to have access to the auto-aim feature which is significant and quite useful. Through the auto-aim feature you can perfectly shoot your target without missing it.

You can use this feature to focus on your enemy and analyze each move. The halo first-person shooter can utilize this to evaluate their opponent’s movement strategy and shoot with precision without losing sight of the enemy. You can lock on the enemy and hit to increase your chances of winning.

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Call Of Duty Mobile Wallhack

The wallhack is one of the amazing features offered by the modified version of the call of duty. You can use this feature to efficiently locate the hidden positions of your enemy. This feature allows you a smart command over the game and ensures success.

Oftentimes, your enemies use spots such as grass, trees, and walls to hide behind as well as aim at the target. This can be disadvantageous because you are unaware of their strategies and you are highly likely to get attacked. However, this feature can help you in finding out all the hidden strategies.

Call Of Duty Unlock All Characters/Weapons

The mod version of call of duty allows you to access all the weapons and characters for free. In the original version, you have to pay money or collect high volumes of coins to access free weapons and characters.

You can strengthen your gameplay and make skillful strategies to aim at your enemy through weapons. You can use all the power accumulated by the character’s characteristics and put up a great fight. You can use diverse weapons to attack your opponent freely without any obligation.

Call Of Duty Mobile Compatibility

It is obvious that most players download the mod version of the game on their android phones. However, it is highly likely for some games to not work with certain versions of android phones. However, the call of duty mobile mod apk works seamlessly with all android versions.

You do not have to worry if you do not have an upgraded android version of your phone. You can download the modified version regardless because it is designed strategically to enhance its compatibility with most Android versions. You will face no issues within the download and it provides full control options as well.

Call Of Duty Mobile Auto-Updates

The call of duty mobile mod apk is designed with full consideration to provide users as much leverage as possible. This particular feature is precisely enticing as it saves the player from upgrading the app on their own. This feature allows auto-updates whenever new features are developed.

Call Of Duty Mobile No Reload (Recoil)

This feature is highly convenient because the players do not have to reload the gun again and again. You can aim at your opponent and shoot as much as you want without stopping. You get an unlimited option that you can utilize to aim for success in the war.

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How to download Call of Duty Mobile Mod Apk

The download process for this game is extremely easy, you just have to simply follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Download the call of duty mobile apk obb file.
  • Alter your phone setting by allowing unknown file download
  • Copy and transfer the downloaded file to your android phone.
  • Your game is ready!


The call of duty mobile mod apk is loaded with exemplary features that you can use for your benefit to excel in the game. This game is safe upon download and allows you to use unlimited weapons and characters to perform at your full potential.

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