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Entertainment in this digital era can be solely extracted from online media. The amount of luxury shows and channels keeps us engaged all the time. Hotstar premium account is most in-demand in the subcontinent due to the accessibility of fun content and relatable tv shows most people love.

The main issue resides in the paying factor. We like to have all the fun, but paying for multiple subscriptions can be a pain at the end of the month. We all look for shortcuts to get free accessibility, and we are well aware you are here to know about free Hotstar premium account.

There are two kinds of subscriptions that Hotstar offers. One is the free offer, and the other is the paid subscription. You must be thinking getting a free account may be a good idea. However, you’re mistaken because through free subscription; you will be missing out on a variety of shows.

Hotstar Username  and Password

In free subscription, you are only going to get seven languages and a limited amount of shows. We all need a platform with unlimited fun elements and great variety to keep us invested for longer. However, a free account only has little things to offer.

Through the Hotstar premium account, you get to do many things that are not accessible otherwise. The comprehensive connectivity and great accessibility allow you to enjoy films and shows anytime, anywhere. Easy access to entertainment is what the majority seeks. If you like Indian classic movies, this is the right platform for you.

The cable is a traditional entertainment medium that most people use to date. However, our busy lives barely made us catch our loved shows on time. The fear of missing out on our best shows can cause distress. Although, Hotstar subscription is a live saver as you can record your favorite live shows and watch them later on.

Tv on the phone used to be a foreign concept because it was not easy to find such options. However, the accessibility of apps on the phone and easy download allows better availability and access to entertainment on the go.

Are you a super busy person who rarely gets time to watch their favorite shows? Well, we feel your pain and struggle to fit entertainment windows in between your schedule. Through Hotstar premium subscription, you can have access to any show you like. Your entertainment medium is in your pocket.

It is frustrating to pay a fair amount of money for entertainment purposes. We are always struggling to save money and invest it in a profitable venture. However, sometimes it is impossible to get valuable subscriptions for free. We can solve your despair by letting you know exactly what you need.

The use of the internet is every day, and every individual has access to it. The Hotstar premium and free account are two different ventures. Both accounts have other things to offer to the viewer. If you are an entertainment junky, you will not like the free version so much as it does not provide an entire entertainment medium.

Are you ready to know all about the free premium Hotstar account? We know you will love it. In this article, we will share how you can get your hands-on free premium account and access to a variety of shows.

All the entertainment lovers should bundle up and wait for all the fantastic features that this app has to offer. From Hollywood to Bollywood, you will find everything at a united platform for absolutely free to cricket. So, let’s tell you all you need to know about the free Hotstar premium account without navigating away from the subject.

Hotstar premium account no ads

The most significant drawback of watching shows on television are the long ads that can almost kill us with anticipation. Waiting for a long time just for the ad to pass is such a waste of time and can dampen our mood.

All you issue and worries can be sorted if you decide to get the free Hotstar premium account. You can watch any show and movie you want directly without waiting for the adds to pass. You can cut downtime of performance and watch it rapidly at your own pace.

Hotstar premium account save shows

We all live in a society where things move fast pace. Often, we can miss out on our favorite shows due to minor inconveniences. However, you can now catch any show you want right when you get time. You do not even have to wait for shows to get uploaded.

You can save a live streaming match and download them for the future. In case you and your family have a single tv. You do have to fight to watch your favorite shows. You can put all live shows you like on download and watch it in piece afterward.

Hotstar premium account a broad range of shows and movies

Hotstar has more than 350 million people watching it and subscribed to it. This is because they offer banging variety and fair choices. If you reside on the eastern side of the world, you can watch shows worldwide.

The A-lister American and Indian shows are uploaded on Hotstar premium. If you get a subscription, you can access presentations worldwide and enhance your cultural knowledge. The streaming speed of Hotstar is impressive as it allows you to watch your long shows without stopping for even 10 seconds.

How to use

  • It would help if you had an unlimited internet subscription in your Airtel account.
  • Download the Hotstar app and create a user account.
  • Click on the middle button to start watching videos.
  • Setup your premium account for further use.
  • Stream your favorite shows and make a list for easy access.
  • Similarly, you can create an account on your smart TV as well.


Hotstar is a great entertainment app with a variety of shows and movies for great entertainment. The accounts mentioned above work to provide you easy access and seamless watch time. You can download and save your favorite shows to not miss out on any episode. This app is undoubtedly going to be your partner on lazy days.

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